EAvRG: Submission Guidelines + FAQ’s

If you want to submit a resource, please contact (e)ERINBOYKIN using the form below.

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I am an Empire Avenue related community admin, how will I or my community benefit from listing my site here?
If you list your resource here, you will have the opportunity to have free advertising/marketing for your listing as well as the opportunity to have people discover and grow your community and having them become a positive addition to your community.

I am an Empire Avenue related resource admin, my group doesn’t just talk about Empire Avenue and we talk about social media, how to succeed in business, and other stuff like that. Can I still submit?
Yes, as long as your group discusses Empire Avenue in some way, you may still submit.

There is a resource that I think should be here but I’m not the admin for it. Can I submit a submission for it?
No. You can only submit resources that you are an admin of. If you think it should be added here, please contact the admin for that resource or and politely suggest for them to add the resource to the guide.

Who manages the Empire Avenue Resource Guide?
This EA Resource Guide is led by Erin Boykin – (e)ERINBOYKIN.

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