We recognize Empire Avenue as an incredible resource that, if used properly can become one of the most powerful social media marketing tools available on the internet.

Beyond the Game

Many users view Empire Avenue as merely a social media stock market game or get caught up in trying to increase their Empire Avenue share price, wealth and other rankings to the detriment of their bigger goals. Our goal is to work together to help each other go Beyond Empire Avenue and use it as a tool to achieve our businesses, nonprofits and personal goals.

Beyond the Platform

Empire Avenue is not without it’s problems and limitations. It’s difficult to target a specific niche, it can take a long time to gain enough wealth and connections to do mission effectively and it can be a giant time suck. Our goal is to develop and promote tools, services and strategies that go Beyond Empire Avenue to make it work more efficiently and effectively.

Beyond the Users

Empire Avenue has a loyal, active core of users but it’s a relatively small group.  Our goal is to go Beyond Empire Avenue’s current user base, connect with other people doing social media marketing and grow the community of people using Empire Avenue as a tool to achieve their businesses, nonprofits and personal goals.