The Beyond Empire Avenue Strategy

Our strategy for going Beyond Empire Avenue includes:

  1. Resources. We are developing informational resources to help people use EAv more effectively, including an EAv FAQs (better than the outdated FAQs on the EAv site, case studies of people who are using EAv effectively, and guides.
  2. Services. We are providing services to help people get bigger results with less time from Empire Avenue, including launching missions to promote your goals, getting you more eaves without having to buy them from the EAv shop and portfolio management.
  3. Community. We are making connections with other social media marketing people, and unlike other EAv groups that spend a lot of time talking aobut how to “win” at EAv, we’re discussing how to use EAv to win in business, nonprofit work and life.
  4. News/Blog. We are blog about Empire Avenue from our perspective of using EAv as a means to an end.