The Beyond Empire Avenue Team

The Beyond Empire Avenue site, services and blog are led by Paul Steinbrueck, aka (e)PDSTEIN.

The Beyond Empire Avenue Facebook group is led by Chris Ford, aka (e)STITCHFORD and Paul Steinbrueck (e)PDSTEIN.

The Empire Avenue Resource Guide is led by Erin Boykin, aka (e)ERINBOYKIN

The Welcoming Committee for the “Empowering New Empire Avenue Users” Facebook group includes: Nicole Garcia (e)NYOFFICIAL, Erin Boykin (e)ERINBOYKIN, and Mark Bern (e)MARKBERN44.

This initiative is brand spankin’ new, and so we’re looking for other folks who believe in potential of going Beyond Empire Avenue to join us as community leaders, guest bloggers, editors of the Empire Avenue FAQs wiki, and more.